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The Square is an unexpected name for a road in the centre of the village. Unlike most squares, the houses fill the centre rather than the centre being open space. Two sides of the Square go from the Buchanan Monument to the Old Kirk and from the Old Kirk straight to Main Street. The other two sides form part of Main Street and Balfron Road.

Opposite the former Black Bull is a building with an old petrol pump outside. The building, dating from 1884, was originally a carriage house for Archibald Orr Ewing of Ballikinrain. It was used when he came to the village, primarily to attend the Kirk. When the Ballikinrain estate was sold in 1912, the building ceased to be used. In 1936, it became a garage and car hire business, and latterly for storage. It was converted into a house in the early 21st century.

The row of buildings opposite the Old Kirk are some of the oldest in the village. They date from the late 18th century. They became rundown in the 1920s, and in 1933 Stirlingshire Council placed a closing and demolition orders placed on them. The Killearn Trust, established in 1932 to promote the welfare of the village, acquired them from the Killearn estate for £110 12s. In 1936–7, it refurbished the three original cottages to form two larger homes, which it then rented out. The two-storey house at the end of the block, Knowe Head, was anonymously gifted to Killearn Trust about this time. It was then refurbished to welcome its first new tenants in 1939. Two other cottages of similar age on the opposite side of the road were not preserved (but can be seen in older photographs of the Square).

A black and white photo of the back of houses
A rear view of the houses on the Square, before their restoration by the Killearn Trust.