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Before the Reformation, only limited schooling was available in the parish. George Buchanan, for example, received some education here in the early 16th century. By the mid-17th century, however, the heritors of the parish (landowners responsible for funding particular parish activities) were required to provide a house and salary for a school teacher. In fact, no schoolhouse was built. Instead, the parish paid a teacher to teach in his own home (all teachers were male at that time). There were also some small private schools in the village.

In 1845, the Second Statistical Account reported that ‘the parish, except in regard to education, may be said to be in a healthy state’. The heritors sprang into action and agreed to build a new Schoolhouse. The house was completed in the mid-1850s. It provided a home for the teacher and space for classrooms. In 1874, the new school building behind it was completed. For the first time the village had a proper school building, bringing the village’s schoolchildren together in one place. With various extensions, the school remained here until the new Primary School was opened on Crosshead Road in 1962.

The old school viewed from the field behind it in the 1950s.

Thereafter, until 2001, the building housed the Primary School’s nursery class. It was also available for some community use. The village football team also had its changing rooms here. When the nursery moved to the Primary School site, Stirling Council no longer had any use for the building. There were plans to convert the building into a community centre. However, these proposals were unable to gain enough support, and the building was sold in 2007 by the Council. It was then converted into three private houses.