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While the Old Mill has only been a pub since 1980, the building it is in dates from 1774. For many years, it was used by the village carter, who stabled his horses in the buildings through the arch. The carter’s business, latterly run by Willie McCready, continued until 1924. He used to collect coal from Killearn Station for delivery to houses in the village as well as transporting hay for local farmers.

In 1924 the building was converted into a weaving mill. The looms were removed in the 1970s. Miss McCready was based here as a handloom weaver. She had connections with the Glasgow School of Art and was a friend of Wendy Wood, an ardent campaigner for Scottish independence. It is possible that Miss McCready was involved in hiding the Stone of Destiny in the village for a few days in 1951.

Next to the Old Mill is Lomond Lodge, built in 1862. For many years the house was lived in by the Paul family. Tom Paul, the last member of the family, died in 1994. With no immediate heirs, the Paul Charitable Trust was established to benefit local organizations and to support local social welfare and educational needs.