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Within the Glen, on a spur of land surrounded on three sides by ravines, remains of a building have been found. It is not clear what its function was. However, it is thought to be late medieval, perhaps from the 16th century, earlier than any other existing structure in the village. Speculatively, it has been named the Laird’s House. Its position suggests that it might have been a precursor of the Place.

Part of the 2019 excavation of the Laird’s House.

An initial excavation of the site took place in 2019. Two parts of the site were excavated and both showed evidence of buildings. Apart from stone foundations, very few artefacts were discovered, a single fragment of medieval redware pottery being the most significant. After the excavation, the site was filled in to protect the remains. Further excavation is under consideration to give a better picture of the importance of this site.

A article in the Killearn Courier tells more about the dig (opens pdf, 2MB). There is also a full report on the excavation (opens pdf, 13MB).