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The Primary School moved from Main Street to Crosshead Road in 1962. The new building was provided by the council. It was designed with a main hall attached to a two-storey block containing four classrooms. It opened before the population of the village grew as a result of private housing developments from the 1960s onwards. The building was soon unable to cope with pupil numbers, and the playground filled with temporary classrooms, outnumbering the classrooms in the main building. At its peak the school accommodated 291 pupils in 1982 (current enrolment is around 200; in 1882 there were 163 pupils and the lowest enrolment of 49 was recorded in 1931).

The temporary classrooms began to show their age. The council finally agreed to enlarge the main school building and to remove the temporary classrooms. The building work was completed in 2002. At this point, the nursery class moved from the old school building on Main Street to a separate building on the Primary School site.