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ordnance survey map of the Top of the World cycling route

Drumtian – Carbeth – Boquhan

A pleasant walking and jogging route around the back of the Carbeth Estate.

Type Walking
Distance6km / 4 miles
Time1.5 hours approx.
TerrainSide roads; tracks; footpaths
GradeEasy / moderate

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Interactive map

Path description

  • The route starts and finishes at the Buchanan Monument in Killearn
  • Directions can be followed in reverse order, if preferred.
  • Photos are courtesy of Kay Roxby
  1. Section 1. 

    Depart from the Monument (*1) out towards Balfron, passing the Kirk and the Village Hall on the left; the War Memorial, The Old Mill and the Toll House on the right. The Post Office was once in the building next to the Vets, and Lumsdaine Halls was the Free Church. Seton was the house of the Minister; the house next to the tennis courts was the Police House. 

  2. Section 2.

    At the edge of the village take the left turn down Drumtian Road (*2) with fine views of Conic Hill and the Arrochar Alps. (After approx. 1km the road turns sharp left; at this corner an option is to go straight on, into the field; take the pedestrian gate on the right and walk through the avenue of trees, eventually reaching Blairessan Spout – a small waterfall in a pretty gorge on the Carbeth Estate). Continue down the long straight lined with old beech and oak trees – with Little Carbeth and Ben Lomond coming into view on the left. Follow the road round to the right at the bottom. (After 1.75 km a further option is to take the left turn down towards the Endrick River *3)

  3. Section 3.

    Continue straight ahead past the Stable Cottages, and through a 5-bar gate up towards the back of Carbeth House. Proceed past the old walled garden of Carbeth House, through a stand of old pine trees until the drive meets Ballaochruin Road (*4). (An option here is to turn left down the hill and across the bridge to the woodland plantation on the left – popular with dog walkers.) Turn right up the hill and after 200m turn left onto the footpath to Boquhan (*5) – arriving at Jenny Gunn’s Loan (*6) at 3.75km. (A pleasant variation here is to turn left and, after 200m, just before North Lodge, walk up the drive to Park Hall, past the ruins of the old house, and back round to the Boquhan Road).

  4. Section 4.

    On the main A875 turn right, up through Boquhan, onto the footpath opposite the sandstone gates to Park Hall, up to Blackhill crossroads and straight on towards Killearn. Pass Heron’s Court, the G63 Hub community garden, the cold war observation post in the field opposite and along Kings Mile back to the village. 

    Why not enjoy a refreshment at Town and Country, the Kitchen Window, the Old Mill or Hewitt and Aker?