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Well Green and Main Street

Main Street from Well Green up to the Kirk was planned out in the 1760s, each plot having a house close to the road with a large garden behind.

Black and white photo of cattle grazing in a field alongside an empty road with Killearn village buildings and the Campsie hills in the background
Well Green, when it was used to graze cattle. Townfoot can be seen on the left. (From the All Killearn Archive collection.)
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Well Green was used for grazing cows and was the site of one of the village wells. Across the road is Townfoot, an early 19th-century cottage, which, in 1938, became the village club for a number of years. The modern building next to it was built on the site of the Wheat Sheaf pub and Gilfillan’s bakery.

Ibert Road, next to Townfoot, quickly brings you to open fields. On the hill to the right of Ibert Road is Auchenibert, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1906–8. It lacks the originality of his other houses, and, after a dispute with his client, another architect finished the building.

The houses on Main Street were mainly built between the 1760s and the 1880s. They are built of local stone and most still have traditional Scottish slate roofs.

Number 27, which dates from the 1780s, was modernized in the 1870s, when it became the summer home of a Glasgow confectionery merchant. Number 15 used to be a shop while number 13, and the range of buildings behind it, were workshops for Simpson’s joinery business, which traded in the village for more than 240 years. Number 12 was the village smithy, while number 5, set back from the road, is the Old Schoolhouse, built in the 1850s. In 1874, the school moved to the building behind the Schoolhouse, then to a new site in 1962. At the top of the road is the village War Memorial dedicated in 1924.

Did you know

The Wheat Sheaf lost its drinks licence following a local referendum in 1925 which voted in favour of having just one pub in the village.

This is the last stop on the Killearn Heritage Trail. Continue on up Main Street towards the Monument and round the corner back to the Start.